Collection: Vintage Shoes

Vintage Colorful Leather Shoes 

Do you like to look different? These colorful whacky shoes will let you look special and the colors will make you feel happy and young again. These bright-colored shoes are made of soft leather and hand dyed to different beautiful colors. Leather dye penetrates the surface of the leather to stain it permanently, creating a rich colored surface while maintaining the surface properties of the leather. Dyed leather shoes can be cared for like any other leather shoes, with shoe wax and lustre cream.

Our vintage style colorful leather shoes are a fusion of European-Asian and very different. They match any outfit well in any season. They look good with a dress or cropped Jeans in summer. They also help you create a fantastic look in autumn and winter. You can find lovely vibrant color flats, funky pumps, comfy leather mules, quirky sandals and joyous clogs in this colorful vintage shoe collection. Our customers call them good mood shoes because they are comfortable and funny to look at. Wherever they go their friends notice them.