Collection: Flip Flops

Why do girls like to wear flip flops? 

Girls like to wear flip flops in summer because it is comfortable and good for your feet to breathe in the hot weather. Moreover, it is also a matter of health even if not consciously. Human feet are designed to run long distances barefoot. Stuffing them into shoes is not natural. Whether you like looking at them or not. Flip flops allow air to circulate throughout the body and set your feet free.

Are flip flops good for walking?

Flip flops are probably comfy to wear and allow your feet to stay cool in hot summer, but they are not good for walking long distances, especially for people who have flat feet. Wearing flip flops for long periods of time can wreak havoc on your feet and toes. To the greatest extent to walk comfortably in flip-flops, you'd better choose a pair of thong sandals with a moulded or zoned footbed, a chunkier and grippier outsole, and soft straps, which can aid comfort levels when walking. For women travelers in summer, please choose comfortable walking sandals for walking all day and standing for a long time.